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Do you want to hear the REAL story behind the Trolls? 

Almost everyone has heard of the Trolls: Dam Trolls, Good Luck Troll, Norfin Troll.

The original trolls were created by the famous artist Thomas Dam from Denmark. 

His cute little troll dolls are beloved by children and adults all over the world. The Troll mean a lot to a lot of people. Recently, the Trolls have become even more famous through DreamWorks’ Trolls movies.

But few people know the true story behind the Trolls. In recent years, a completely different and factually untrue version of the Trolls’ story has been created.  

In this book Thomas Dams grandson, Jep Andre Laponnel (former manager of the Troll Company) will now set the record straight and tell the true story as it really happened. Told by those who actually created the international success. 

Stories are best heard straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say, and not from people with ulterior motives.

The book has it all – from creator Thomas Dam’s poor roots to the foundation of the troll factory. You will find fun anecdotes and small unknown facts about the trolls and Thomas. And you will read about how the fantastic worldwide success of the trolls was created.

You’ll also encounter family drama that you’ll hardly believe is true.


So get comfortable and join us on the troll journey.


Most people have heard of the cute little Troll figures. They are known by both children and adults all around the world. But not many people know the true story behind them. In recent years, a completely different and factually untrue version of the Trolls’ story has been created by two people with no connection to the events that unfolded.

In this book I will now set the record straight and tell the true story as it really is from those of us who were there; from those of us who actually created their success.


This book contains the full story about my life as a troll. The story is told through my experiences with Thomas Dam as a father figure. It will tell about how I was raised in the factory, about my years as a director, and how the whole thing just came together from there.


I’ll be telling you about the very beginning and about Thomas Dam’s youth. I’ll also tell you that it actually was my mother Lajla’s idea to start making troll figures.


You will be hearing about the early years’ accomplishments and the huge success we had in the 90s when the Trolls really became world-famous.

You are also shown an almost completely unknown side of the Trolls:  jealousy, and hatred. And the crazy family dispute that came in the late 90s and that lasted several years. A drama so crazy that you’ll hardly believe is true.


Eventually, it all culminates in the film contract with American DreamWorks with the Trolls1 and Trolls2 films.

Woman reading the book - My Troll life

Although it’s a complicated story with the family dispute, and although I don’t hold back my critique, I hope that after reading this little book, you are left with the impression of the incredible things that Thomas and Lajla created.


To tell the true story, I need to be completely direct and name everyone involved. I tell the story based on my own experiences, interviews, and my insights into things such as police reports and so on. The things I tell you  in this book are actually only a small part of what has happened. I’m telling the nice version of the story. At least for now.


Such is the case with life and with all success stories. There are bright sides and dark sides. Light cannot exist without darkness.

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What does the book contain?

Thomas og Jeppe med "Gå-trolde"

How it all began with the trolls

The story of Thomas Dam’s early years


The story about Lajla Dam

This chapter tell you that it was actually Lajla who got the idea of making the small troll figures. 


Life at the Troll factory and with Thomas

Fun and sweet anecdotes about my life with my grandfather Thomas Dam 


How did the trolls start to travel the world again in the 80-90s.


The American

How a tired and grumpy American changed the fate of the Troll factory. 


The success years

How the worldwide success happened, and how we did it without marketing. 


How does it feel to have so much success?


What comes up....

Sales stagnate and we find new ways.


The crazy hunt begins

In 1997 I get filled up and take a break to take an MBA. But a mad family conflict starts and lasts for several years. A conflict that is hard to believe is true. It contains several legal battles, police, Danish IRS, a fire at the factory, and much much more.


The TROLLS movies


and much more......

“I really hope Jep he dies from this”  – My uncle Niels Dams exact words to my grandmother (his mother) during the family conflict.

About the author

Jep Andre Laponnel - Author of My Troll Life - The true story about the trolls

Jep Andre Laponnel is the grandson of the creator of the Trolls.

Thomas Dam was the creator of the world-famous trolls. Jep Andre has been working at the Troll factory all his life. In the 90s he was managing director for Troll Company and in that time he created a big worldwide success with the trolls. 

After Jep Andre stopped working for Troll Company in 1997, he has founded several companies, and with even more projects on the way. 

Jep Andre has been co-author of a book about stress, published by the Danish health ministry. He has also written his own book about stress and how to overcome it. 

He is mostly self-taught in all he does – but later he took several educations in management, psychology, hypnosis, and more. 

Jep Andre has his own coach education and has helped more than 4000 people fulfill their dream about being a coach. 

He has lived on Mallorca in Spain for several years, but in 2021 he went back to his beloved home country Denmark again.  

Jep Andre Laponnel


My Troll Life - Paperback version


ISBN: 978-87-94335-01-0

My Troll Life - English Paperback version


ISBN: 978-87-94335-00-3

My Troll Life - English e-book


ISBN: 978-87-94335-04-1 (Kindle)

ISBN: 978-87-94335-02-7

My Troll Life - English audiobook


ISBN: 978-87-94335-03-4 (Audible)

ISBN: 978-87-94335-11-9


My Troll life is also available in a Danish version, and soon versions in Spanish, German, Swedish, and Norwegian will be available.

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