The book My Troll Life was immediately translated into English and has also been recorded as an English audiobook.

I found a guy in Missouri who had a perfect voice for it. He is a former military man, and now pastor of a small parish. On the side, he narrates audiobooks.

He was ready for the story right away and loved it. The only condition was that he could say A-hole and not asshole as it says in the original text. These are not words used in the very religious part of Missouri.

However, he said that his grandfather had a language that would make the most seasoned sailor blush. That language is apparently not something he had inherited.

It was great to see how Steve approached the story with enthusiasm. He needed a little extra help with the pronunciations of the Danish words. We laughed a lot. Especially the word Fjøkker, which is a word Thomas has invented, caused him problems. I never managed to teach him that one. But Steve did a tremendous job with my book and I am eternally grateful for that. 

Steve had to go out several times and tell his wife about the story as he was very involved with it. At one point he wrote that he had the feeling he would soon be sad.

He wrote: 

Lol…thanks… I am so mad at Niels right now … I had to go tell my wife everything in the last chapters. She just shook her head in disbelief. 


Another story he told was that he was writing a story for children. It’s a story about gnome characters that his grandchildren have collected. They come alive and go on adventures. He was at Chapter 5, where they had just entered a magical world on their first attempt to help the gnomes.

All stories must have an evil villain and also his story – and by reading my book he has found the perfect character for this. The evil villain was to be named Niels and his faithful but slightly mentally handicapped helper was to be named Calle.

So as you can see, my book contains enough drama to inspire an adventure about good and evil. In many ways. 

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