This book about the trolls has been on the back burner for a long time. For many years I have felt that this book should finally be written and that the real story should come out. 

But on the other hand, the events surrounding this have also been traumatic, and after the troll family conflict, it has taken many years to get over it.

For a long period of time, I have been unable to work with all the damage done to my mental health by the years of conflict. It has been difficult to open these wounds again. My family has also been concerned with my starting to write this book. They know how much pain it caused, and they worry about having it brought up again. 

But the idea that the real troll story was never going to be told was also difficult. I needed to tell the fact that it was actually my mother who got the idea to make the trolls. I wanted to tell the real story about the worldwide success, and about how it all just grew and grew. And there are so many funny anecdotes about Grandpa that I want to tell. It has really been a great adventure to be a part of creating this success.

And I also thought the narrative of the utterly insane and unjust family strife needed to be told. Also whether or not I will be exposed to various counterattacks again. Sometimes you take so many blows in life that in the end you just don’t care anymore. I have been exposed to so many crazy things in this regard and been affected for so many years that I have become immune to it.

I no longer want to just be quiet and bow my neck to a few people who think they have all the rights to the trolls and who think they can control the truth.

Besides, I have so many extra chapters to the book that have not been published, so these attacks would be a really bad idea. So bring it on… I’m ready. There is nothing that surprises me anymore. It’s a bit like Ukraine which can easily defend itself.

Should the troll book be written by a journalist or not?

At first, I thought the My Troll Life book should be written in collaboration with a journalist or a so-called ghostwriter. So someone who wrote the book for me. I had also found someone who could really write well and whose style I liked. All those who I talked to wanted to write this story. 

I started writing the sketch for the book, but it went so well that it was hard to stop again. It just flowed and all the little episodes came out, so eventually, a whole lot was written.

And then I figured that this way, the story would be a lot more personal, so I kept going.

I have chosen to make the book short. It could be due to laziness, or poor memory. I could easily have filled in a lot more, and it may come later, but for now, I think the length of the book is good. A 300-page book might be too heavy for many to get through.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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